jesus_w_children_6005b15dYesterday’s events left me with a heavy heart. The tragedy that unfolded as the day went on, 20 children gone in a matter of minutes, along with some of their teachers, psychiatrist and their principle. The devastation of losing a love one in such a horrific way has left me numb and speechless. As the tears streamed down my face, all I could ask was why, why, why. All I wanted to do was run to the school and get my girls and keep them here with me, but I didn’t, instead I began to pray, pray for those innocent babies who are now with God. Only God knows the real reason why all of this happened and only God can send his comforter to the families who went home without their babies. And only God can comfort the rest of the world as we grieve with the families. Now is the time we all need to pray, and keep praying. Pray for our love ones as well as our enemies, just pray and know that God will bring his people through it all. Love one another as he first loved us, no matter what. Pray, people, Pray.


One Reply to “P.U.S.H.”

  1. “Children are dear to God’s heart. The growth and perpetuation of human society both depend on children. From the beginning God established a firm foundation upon which to build society”

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