My Gift

This holiday I really sat and thought about how thankful I am for what I have.  The best I received was the gift from God.  Christmas morning was full of joy in the midst of sadness.  The joy was watching my two granddaughters that we are raising open their gifts.  Watching their faces light up with excitement for what they received.  The sadness was that this is the first of many Christmas, along with any other holidays and birthdays that will be celebrated without my oldest daughter whom I am raising her daughter.  My daughter passed away July 27, 2012. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and her children’s birthdays were and will be the hardest.  It was so hard I didn’t think I was going to make it through the day.  But God has a way of working things out for the better.  Later on that afternoon we went to my son’s, her twin brother’s house for dinner, the first time since her death.  I didn’t think I could do it because her ashes are there with her brother, but I did.  I never saw the box.  Her presence was there with us, we ate, laughed, watch movies and I watched the kids and grands dance to a new type of music, techno.  As I watched, my heart was filled with joy and happiness.  It is a wonderful feeling to spend time with family and have so much fun.  No tears were shed, the sadness was gone because we knew she was there with us. It was a wonderful Christmas Day and I thank God for the best Christmas gift this Christmas.


2 Replies to “My Gift”

  1. Yes, you will get tired. You will hurt sometimes. You will suffer physical, emotional, and spiritual storms. Some of your toil and sweat is not crisis-grade toil and sweat; it is just the normal level for your life. Sometimes, though, you will hit a crisis time, and so will the people” around you.
    A Crisis is always uncomfortable, but do not worry about the discomfort. You will be all right. God is still in charge. His words to Adam apply to you, right in the middle of your current crisis: Be fruitful. Multiply. Subdue the earth. Just keep doing it, even if your tactics have to change because of your circumstances. I used the word crisis just to make a point you really are not going through a crisis But emotionally what you’re feeling Is hard and no one knows that feeling but you God has a great reward for you, you haven’t lost anything but you have gained everything

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