New Beginnings

hny2012I know I am a day or two early but this was on my mind and I wanted to post this before it got away from me.  We all have had some hard times one way or another, finances, family, employment and etc.  Everyone is waiting for see what will happen with the Fiscal Cliff, especially Missourians.  I don’t watch any of that because at the end of the day whether it passes or not, things will be the same.  Both sides of congress will be fighting over money. I will continue to pay my bills, get kids ready for school, do my housework, attend school, and be my best at being a housewife.  Do I worry?  No, I don’t and won’t because I know the one person that will be there for me and my family no matter what.  God will always have control over what we do.  So my plan is to live each day in a more positive way.  After all the tragedy that has happened in the world, I am so grateful for being able to open my eyes, put my feet on the floor and rise to a new day, a new chance at being a better person than I was yesterday.  I will set small goals so I will be able to reach the larger goals.  Any negativity will be ignored and dismissed.  I plan to look at life in a very positive way.  We all will be faced with some challenges, good or bad, it all in how we will react to them.  If there is a tough one and you can’t or don’t know how to fix, take it to God, and leave it alone.  Don’t panic and try to fix it yourself, let Him work it out for you.  Trust me, I have had some challenges that should have landed me in a mental institution.  1988,1993 and 2012 were the to worst years of my life,  and during that time I was raising my children along with some of my children friends.  I have dealt with some highs and lows and I’m still going by the grace of God.  I am 52 years old and should have a head full of gray hair but I don’t, I refuse to let and lows get me down.  All we can do is live life to the fullest, learn how to enjoy it, but keep going.  Everyone should stop being in such a hurry to do or to get to where they need to be and take the time out to smell the roses, they smell so good.  I know it can be hard at times, but if we have an ounce of faith and believe that God will work it out, then that’s a big start.  My wish for everyone in blog world and all over a safe and prosperous new beginning in 2013.  Let’s go and have fun.  See you all next year, and Much Love to you All.



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