A Word

As news broke about Paula Deen using the N word, was I stunned, no.  What bothered me was what she has lost in a matter of days behind it.  Was it right for what they did and doing to her?  Um NO.  I was appalled at how she was being treated.  Was I upset at the fact she said and it was years ago?   Um NO.  It’s funny how this one word is used daily by African Americans, Hispanics, and other races but when someone who is Caucasian says it all hell breaks lose.  

Women are degraded in songs that are written by hip hop artist.  African Americans call each other the N word every single day with no problem.  It is apart of their language daily and don’t care.  Its okay if music portrays women as Bs and whores, they thinks  its good music.  But as soon as they hear the N word from another race, all hell breaks loose.  Its high time to let this mess go.  Its stupid, its ridiculous, it ludacris.  As soon as a White person utters the word, blacks want to jump on them, 

file lawsuits, and do whatever they can to hurt the person who said it.  Forreal.  My opinion, young black Americans need to learn to have respect for themselves and for each other.  Learn to work together, learn to help each other, learn to get along and get rid of their egos and power trips.  Stop blaming other races for their downfall and stop tripping over who says what.  There is no manual or law that states blacks are the only ones who can use the N word.  If these young people dont teach their kids to respect themselves and others, then there will be lost and left behind generations to come, which is so sad.

I applaud the African Americans who have supported Paula Deen.  America stop making a  big issue about this, let her do what she loves best, cooking.  I wonder will every celeb be stripped of endorsements and fired for using the N word, paleeze.  

There are more important things going on in this world today.  There will be more people after Paula Deen who will use the N word, over and over again, it will be around forever until a change is made.   Just wanted to post my opinion.  



Respect yourself.


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